Cloud Advisory

Motifworks makes the cloud work

You understand the benefits of the cloud – increased efficiency, lower infrastructure costs, and streamlined operations – but you may simply need an experienced partner to help you navigate your cloud migration or development project.


One of the ways motifworks supports our clients is through our cloud advisory services, where we partner with your existing team in an advisory capacity to help you minimize risk, and insure a successful deployment. It’s flexible, efficient, and allows you to leverage our experience to meet your business goals as quickly as possible.

Your Cloud Advisor

At Motifworks our role as cloud specialists is to effectively help you navigate any cloud project with trust and confidence. We provide knowledgeable expertise to work with you to assess your needs and provide a winning cloud computing strategy that will ensure your business goals.

Seeking a Cloud Strategy for your company?

Comprehensive needs assessment

In depth work load analysis

Platform evaluation, comparison and selection

Assuring security and compliance requirements

Cost benefit analysis

Thorough and detailed cost benefit analysis


Testing strategy