Cloud Application Development

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Cloud application development is different. We know the gotchas and nuances of developing in a variety of public and private clouds. We create products that are truly distributed using web and mobile UIs, service based middle-layer and cloud-hosted databases. And as cloud platforms continue to evolve, we know how to design for redundancy and platform independence.

We understand the challenges in deploying, monitoring and maintaining applications running in the cloud. With our strong emphasis in Agile methodology, we build applications in the public cloud like Windows Azure, AWS, Heroku, and Rackspace as well as integrated cloud applications with hybrid cloud or on-premise systems.

  • SaaS Enablement
    We help you convert your SaaS business model into reality. Our expert team works with you to design your SaaS-based applications using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). To leverage cost-savings in SaaS-enabling your product, we understand how to architect applications for cloud and design databases, message servers or other services deployed in a distributed environment.
  • PaaS & Cloud-Native Development
    You want to focus on your application development and not worry about all things infrastructure and server management. We help you deploy PaaS out-of-the-box features, giving you a pre-configured, virtualized application server environment to drive your product creativity and go-to-market approach.
  • Cloud Data Integration
    Integrating data between different cloud platforms and on-premise apps requires new integration methods rather than traditional direct database queries and ETL techniques. We integrate your data from SaaS providers using APIs, on-demand integrations and data queries through a firewall across the web.


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