Potential Cloud Cost Leakages

Just as Cloud has the potential to help you optimize your costs, its simplicity and speed also has a downside of possible unwanted surprises in your monthly bills. You may be wasting as much as 90% of our Cloud cost on non-production workloads.

Machine is provisioned beyond requirement

It’s a very common phenomenon and all of us have also noticed that most of the times it happens, a VM is no longer required or the provision of a machine is over. This happens because either we forget to switch it off or we are not even aware of any such machines but they are still running.

Using higher size and capacity VM when not required

Since cloud is new to many users and most of us have zero expertise in selecting the right configuration of a machine. To save mishaps, we often go for a bigger and better machine which blows up the costs like a hot air balloon. After a month, IF we analyze the data we find out that the loss is humongous.

Running machines even when not needed

Not even a bee can work for 24 hours so how can we assume that our non-production machines will also be provisioned for 24 hours. We are all smart enough to think beyond automated scheduling of machines to optimize the usage, cost and resources.

Save cloud cost automagically

Cloud Management tools provide you pretty charts to visualize your usage and performance trends and help you understand your cloud spend. But that is the after the fact, and how many times have your team acted on it promptly?

Don’t just look at pretty charts; we help you optimize your cloud costs as it happens. Using our proprietary tools, we monitor your usage of virtual machines and using some parameters controlled by you, we proactively shutdown and start the virtual machines as needed without impacting your team’s productivity.

Need help to save your cloud cost?