Cloud Infrastructure Migration

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The promise of cloud computing is reality. With Motifworks expertise and skill working with the range of cloud platforms, we help accelerate your transition to the cloud with smooth enterprise integration and with no disruption to your core operations.

Moving your applications to the cloud is a paradigm shift. To help you take full advantage of the cloud, we do the heavy lifting for you. We review your existing application portfolio to identify applications that are the best initial candidates for a move to the cloud. We then architect, design, and implement your move from on-premise to the cloud.

  • Cloud Assessment
    Understanding your organization’s readiness for cloud migration is the key to making this process faster and more efficient. With Motifworks’ one-on-one Windows Azure Migration Workshop, we collaborate with you to evaluate your workloads and identify applications that are the best fit for the cloud.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Migration
    You’re ready to consider moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud to put your company in a new position to compete. We partner with you to do a comprehensive analysis of your workloads and then migrate the ones that are ready for cloud migration.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    Many companies are looking for a combined approach of on-premise and cloud for their IT infrastructure. Our team works with you to integrate your on-premise and cloud environments securely in a hybrid cloud model that gives you the best of both worlds – full control of your data combined with the agility of the cloud.
  • SharePoint Migration
    Don’t leave SharePoint behind in migrating to the cloud. Moving your organization’s SharePoint environment to the cloud delivers cost-savings and enhanced flexibility to manage your SharePoint content. You can integrate full-trust code and scale your SharePoint deployment on demand, paying only for what you use.
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