Cloud Migration

Migrate to Cloud with Confidence

Let Motifworks help you make your move to the cloud. Our cloud specialists will review your application portfolio, identify the best candidates that are ready to move to the cloud, and execute with the precision you expect from a team that specializes in all things cloud.

Launch and scale to 1000s of Virtual Machines in minutes

You don’t need to invest in your own hardware to scale. You can now create and launch virtual machines in minutes and scale from 1 to 1000s servers. Since the infrastructure scales on demand, it’s even better for workloads that fluctuate rapidly. You get even more business value when you save money with per-minute billing. Our team is well versed in all aspects related and can ensure the success of your cloud migration project, whatever the parameters.

Seeking help with your Cloud Migration?

Motifworks provides comprehensive professional services to help enterprises migrate complex and demanding applications to the cloud

Our expert migration services include:

Workload Analysis

Infrastructure and Architecture Design

Identity and Access Management

Dynamic Scaling and Optimization

Back up and Disaster Recovery

Thorough and detailed cost benefit analysis

Globalization support

End to end Testing

Full Monitoring and Management