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We just had a chance to view the new video about SafeMonk, an enterprise-grade file-sharing security tool for Dropbox users. The numbers around Dropbox usage are staggering – more than 200 million users since its launch in 2007. And if you believe Wikipedia, Dropbox is cool enough to net Bono and the Edge as investors in the service. Without doubt, the advent of Dropbox is one of many great success stories coming out of the modern era of cloud computing.

At the same time, Dropbox hasn’t been immune to industry criticisms that its core service of enabling cloud-based file-sharing isn’t as secure as it should be. In other words, questions continue to be begged about its security capabilities, especially in the context of business and corporate usage.

This is where SafeMonk comes into play. Developed by SafeNet Labs and in partnership with the Motifworks development team, SafeMonk is a Dropbox encryption product – almost as simple as that. In one survey conducted by SafeMonk this year, 55% of IT security professionals said they do not trust Dropbox’s security framework while 92% of these same surveyees acknowledged being Dropbox users.

As is no secret, Dropbox is easy to use – whether for personal or business needs. At the same time, like most things with IT and cloud, you can’t ignore security. SafeMonk is built to maintain Dropbox’s ease of use while providing encryption to personal and business files and content – whether for consumers at home or in complex business enterprise settings.

The SafeMonk tool for the enterprise (actually released┬ájust this week) is designed to enable corporations to provide mission-critical encryption security for the files and content their Dropbox users create, transact and store on a daily basis. At the same time, SafeMonk allows everyone in the enterprise – whether executives or staff – the freedom to retain Dropbox as an effective tool to fuel collaboration and business-process efficiencies. In other words, you don’t have to ditch Dropbox – you can stick with it and keep your company’s content and private information secure.

Check out our case study to learn more about Motifworks’ role – deploying Agile development with its flexible, skilled team – in helping SafeNet Labs develop SafeMonk.

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