Is Cloud Security Finally Becoming the New Normal?

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cloud_imageAs more applications move to the cloud and mobile, cloud security still remains a major concern among companies and organizations.

In one recent cloud security survey by Intel, 87% of IT professionals surveyed expressed concern about public and private cloud security.

In another related context, 57% of IT pros surveyed said government compliance mandates around storage and transfer of data – such as in health care and financial data – are “preventing them from moving these workloads and data into the cloud.”

Yet, even in this era of daily headline news about cybersecurity threats and virtual spying, protection of data and intellectual property in the cloud is entering a new, mature age. Cloud security is a fact and not a myth.

First, consider Windows Azure’s announcement last week that they’ve added multi-factor authentication to its Windows Azure Active Directory identities to prevent “unauthorized access to data and applications in the cloud.” This move significantly lessens the chances of a breach or theft of key data and related assets. And note that Windows Azure announced last week that more than half of the Fortune 500 is using Azure for cloud services.

Second, consider the penetration of cloud-based services currently at work. Rajiv Gupta, cofounder and CEO of Skyhigh Networks, a company that assesses and monitors cloud services, says many of his customers’ employees will say they typically use about 40 cloud-based apps when, in reality, that number is closer to 200.

In addition, Dropbox is an excellent example of cloud-based services that help us improve productivity. Dropbox, which reported last fall it has already pulled in more than 100 million users, is a sound, easy to use service – and we all use it without worrying much about security. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry about security when using such services. And that’s exactly why companies like SafeNet are stepping in to build services to make Dropbox more secure. Check out the beta release of SafeNet’s new app called SafeMonk, a free file security tool that Motifworks helped develop. SafeMonk provides a critical layer of encryption security for Dropbox files.

Tools like Dropbox and SafeMonk plus Windows Azure’s cloud security moves couldn’t come at a better time. Let’s face it: cloud security continues to be the achievable reality today. Imagine the overall positive jolt to the global economy and entrepreneurial growth if concerns about cloud security further dissipated. Putting your apps securely in the cloud saves money, speeds time-to-market and allows companies and organizations to focus more of their energy and resources on continuing to build the next big things.

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