Is motifworks growing?

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Hey, Tech Innovator – Doing my due diligence on innovative Web and Mobile product development companies in Baltimore, I noticed motifworks has a new site, and seems to be offering more than before.  Is motifworks growing? ~ Frank S.

Frank, thank you for commenting on, and for including us in your due diligence.  Yes, we are growing.  Yes, we are doing more interesting work than ever.  Our experience developing Web and Mobile solutions for with Fortune 500 companies and startups has allowed us to increase the breadth and impact of our solutions.  We updated the site to allow problem-solvers like you to see a reflection of our values, including:

We’re Agile and Fast

Motifworks is well known for helping clients achieve strategic outcomes by adopting lightweight, Agile practices.  We are rapid and flexible in meeting our clients’ needs quickly, and exceeding their expectations.

We Deliver Great User Experience

The imagery and theme of our site shows our heritage and culture.  Why hide it?  We’re proud of the fact that we create cool, eye-pleasing design and an overall good user experience.  The new architecture of our site conveys the confidence with which we navigate a company’s challenges.

motifworks-innovation-mobile-web development

motifworks new website with focus on User Experience and Innovation

We’re Always Innovating

Large enterprises working with motifworks value our experience creating innovative solutions at scale.  We also have a strong track record helping startups go quicker to market, reach more customers faster, and realize greater returns on their investment.  Innovation is at the core of what we do.

We’re Someone You Can Trust

People reach out to motifworks because they have seen our work and know we can deliver.  From large enterprises to small startups, they appreciate the fact that motifworks is a US-based company that employs top offshore talent for innovative solutions that go right to the bottom line.

These are the values we hope are reflected in our new web site, Frank.  Check back any time.

Motifworks ( is a partner in emerging technology and innovation for business problem-solvers.  Companies as large as Microsoft and Sears and as small as one-person start-ups rely on motifworks for lower cost, better delivery and more innovative thinking.  For a partner in emerging technology and innovation, contact motifworks at

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