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Dear readers,

You must be thinking, “who needs another article on technology predictions in 2013?”  But as we look forward to another great year at motifworks, this tech innovator would like to take a moment to reflect on all of our clients and partners who are driving innovation forward. Whether they are CIOs of large, name-brand enterprises, or entrepreneurs of a self-funded start-up, these bold visionaries have dedicated themselves to reinventing their approach to business by staying ahead of changing trends, and the completion.

Reinvent, they must. The tools and techniques they use are evolving rapidly. To help you plan how to maximize emerging technologies and where to innovate in 2013, here is our list of top IT trends in 2013.

#1 Mobile rules

Being more productive is a trend on its own. Nowadays, people want to make use of every minute. Whether you are in a subway, waiting for the elevator, driving your car or waiting in line. you want to do something more productive, read email, check news, check weather or listen to music on an iPad or iPhone, while doing something else.

Though 2012, we saw more mobile apps downloaded and devices sold, and the market continues to explode in 2013. Because mobile is the #1 trend of 2013, mobile development is the biggest priority for every company big and small. Even you have a mobile strategy, you need to revisit it in 2013 and here is why:

Bring your own device (BYOD) trend accelerates: In 2013, mobile devices will pass PCs to be most common Web access tools. This will increase a company’s reliance on tablets and smartphones. Instead of refusing to let people use the organization’s infrastructure and network on their personal devices, companies will think about making it open, so their employees can use their devices and be more productive.

Mobile commerce: Customers must be able to make purchases on mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) and companies must be able to accept mobile payments. Organizations like Square, which allows accepting payments on your mobile device, have already disrupted the payment space. This trend is great for small businesses.  Mobile Google Wallet, PayPal and wireless carrier providers will add options so that customers can make payments using their mobile devices. And enterprise companies can realize the same benefits.

New devices and mobile platforms: We are already seeing newer mobile devices almost every month and this trend is going to continue even more in 2013. With new devices and new device capabilities, your mobile apps need to evolve and adapt quickly to changing requirements. (E.g. the size of iPhone 5 has changed, and old apps don’t always look the same on new devices). Since Microsoft Surface Windows 8 is here to stay, this tech innovator suggests that you think about timing, and how you can leverage the Windows 8 technology, and make the best use of the Windows Mobile 8 experience.

Smarter Cars: The big opportunity for innovation is while we are driving our cars. Companies are using apps like Yelp for the car that has Wi-Fi connectivity. The GPS technology is in place, and innovators will add more features and more usefulness.

Enterprise mobile apps: This is still an under-penetrated area and we are going to see more enterprises adopting their enterprise applications for mobile devices and may be going with a “mobile-first” approach.

– Smartphones become even smarter with smart accessories: Whether it is healthcare, hospitality or transportation, I expect to see plethora of smart accessories for smartphones come to market through 2013. Smart accessories are going to have sensors, make use of computing power of Smartphones via Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC.

#2 Big data booms

Big data isn’t a buzzword anymore. Enterprises know that they need a big data strategy as a core technology. Your in-house data warehouse isn’t sufficient anymore. Multiple data sources such as social graph, open data sets, and others need to be tied together. Another interesting trend in big data is in-memory analytics. In past few years we have seen a gigantic increase in data and with technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL and Social Media.  We have all the infrastructure in place, but we haven’t seen much use cases or apps of Big data. So that’s coming!

#3 Cloud computing expands to enterprises

Cloud computing has been around for some years now but, believe it or not, in terms of adoption of cloud, for enterprises it is still early. Amazon (AWS) has become a de-facto for cloud computing and it’s amazing how much they have evolved and matured in last couple years. More and more people are storing their content/data on cloud. Services like Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox, are becoming more acceptable, even in enterprises. Public Cloud has already set a new normal in terms of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability and speed-to-market. Next is to make it easier for enterprises to consume the cloud.

#4 Security and privacy increases

With the above technologies, I am sure data security and privacy becomes even more critical. Online security / data security is going to be another top priority for companies big and small in 2013. Companies are coming up with more security features and offerings, and I predict that you will see more and more innovation, need and demand for online security for users all over the world. Security becomes even more important with cloud computing.

In 2013, big data will continue to be big. Enterprises are still trying to see an ROI on big data – what to do with the data and how to make use of it. Companies need to understand that they have valuable data internally, and can collect more externally. The priority is to make sense out of all that data.

#5 Design drives revenue

How we are using mobile apps, mobile payments and big data is a priority. In these areas, design plays a bigger role. Everyone has access to cloud your competitors have access to cloud, mobile computing, etc. Design is the differentiator. Products like Nest Learning Thermostat prove what this can mean. It is not only about exploiting these technologies, but highlighting the importance of “simple yet beautiful” design. In 2013, I expect to see an increasing number of services that follow this paradigm while exploiting today’s mobile phones and cloud technologies.

#6 Talent in demand

Acquiring top talent is an important trend – not just design but big data and mobile. The job market will continue to improve as the economy opens up. Having the right talent to make use of these opportunities will be more important in 2013 than since the recession started.

#7 Enjoying life

The final trend of 2013 is to enjoy life! These are unprecedented times of expansion and innovation. So many new products and services are coming online, and there are so many amazing ways for enterprise companies and startups to take advantage, it really is a thrilling time to be in business. Enjoy it!

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