Cloud Governance and Management – Challenges and Success Strategies

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Inability to predict costs, lack of control and governance are among some of the pressing concerns companies considering moving to the cloud are facing today. Companies already in the cloud are wondering how to improve management and control across multiple cloud platforms company-wide relative to usage and cost?


Join Nitin Agarwal, Chief Cloud Strategist and Founder of Motifworks and Jay Chapel, a leading Cloud Management industry expert and Founder & CEO of Ostrato to gain a better understanding of front of mind issues related to Cloud Governance and Management facing IT, finance professionals and business decision makers today, and how to mitigate them.


This educational presentation will cover the 4 top concerns related to cloud governance including:

  • Access management
  • Workflow and chain of command processes
  • Cost Management
  • Automation for provisioning of cloud environments


By sharing best practices, case studies and advanced industry knowledge; our experts will address each key issue and how it can be effectively addressed through proven tactics designed to address their potential impact, prevent challenges and insure effective management and ongoing continuity of services. Participants will also enjoy a demonstration of the innovative Ostrato platform to automate and streamline their DevOps processes.

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