Microsoft Gives the Cloud a Major Boost at WPC13

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As part of the Microsoft WPC 2013 in Houston, IDC’s Darren Bibby, program vice president of Channels and Alliances Research, shared some insight into how companies may or may not be tapping the cloud to grow their organizations.

In a Q&A interview released today (scroll down in menu to view) by Microsoft, Bibby says the most unexpected result from his current research on Microsoft customers and partners and their cloud adoption behavior is “customers are asking for a combined approach” of on-premise and cloud. “Customers are hesitant to move certain workloads to the cloud and want to keep them on-premises. The demand for cloud will continue to increase, but we don’t believe that on-premises solutions are going to go away for a very long time — if at all,” he says.

At the same time, Bibby says Microsoft partner companies need to move their apps and products into the cloud or “they could find themselves completely irrelevant.” And he relays how only a few years ago IDC would advise Microsoft partner companies to come up with a plan for eventual cloud adoption. “Now as we’re halfway into 2013, we’re saying to partners that if you’re not doing anything in the cloud, you are definitely behind.”

On a related note, IDC released data today showing businesses globally will invest $98 billion on “public cloud-delivered IT services” in 2016. With the rapid growth of the cloud and the Windows Azure platform, Microsoft today also announced a raft of new features and services to bolster its overall cloud offerings. For Windows Azure, two key items are new Windows Azure Active Directory capabilities, allowing for single sign-on capability for users, as well as a “Premium offer for Windows Azure SQL Database,” providing reserve capacity to boost cloud performance, according to Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, President of the Server and Tools Business.

And as you’ve probably heard already if you’re attending WPC or watching it through social media, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer detailed this morning the WPC’s four themes: cloud, big data, social and mobility. More updates will be posted here as they come in from Houston this week.

For two final items, if you’re attending WPC this week and focusing on all things Windows Azure, check out the Motifworks handy Azure sessions guide (which includes a cool listing of top Azure and cloud bloggers). And if you’re interested in connecting this week with our Motifworks CEO, Nitin Agarwal, in Houston, just visit our WPC homepage and drop us a line.

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