Microsoft prepares for shift to cloud services and devices

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corporate-restructuringAs #WPC13 moves along into its fourth day, the buzz is growing around reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is set to unveil a company reorganization plan. As one article notes today, Ballmer’s purported reorg plan (or at least a nutshell version of it) is already somewhat public. As Business Insider┬ásays, you just need to read Ballmer’s brief but lucid Shareholder letter released last October.

In his letter, Ballmer asserts that the power of Microsoft technology over time will manifest itself most concretely in “how people use devices and services at work and in their personal lives.” And there, of course, lies the answer in terms of Microsoft’s future: devices and services.

For cloud and mobile application development, Ballmer’s letter says, “With Windows Server 2012, Windows Azure and System Center infrastructure, businesses can deploy applications in their own datacenter, a partner’s datacenter or in Microsoft’s datacenter with common security, management and administration across all environments, with ultimate flexibility and scale. Our business customers tell us these capabilities are critical to harnessing the power of the cloud so they can reach new levels of efficiency and tap new areas of growth.”

Sure enough, the vision Ballmer lays out seems to be fast becoming a reality – especially with the advent of Microsoft’s efforts in hardware (e.g., Surface) and cloud platform provisioning (e.g., Azure). With this combination – of devices and services – it should give technology product companies more opportunities to drive their creativity, design and innovation for application and product development coupled with new efficiencies and cost-savings.

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