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Motifworks builds cloud and mobile solutions. We help move your applications and infrastructure to the cloud to accelerate time to market, fuel efficiencies and drive business growth. Bringing startup like energy and a process-driven approach, combined with our deep expertise in cloud and mobile platforms, we enable companies to innovate and build better solutions faster.

We work with enterprise and software product companies (ISVs) in a variety of industries, including financial services, mortgage services, collections and foreclosure management, legal, retail and education technology. Our customers are as diverse as Microsoft, Sears, SafeNet, Weltman, and GlobalScholar and small startups working with disruptive technologies.

The Perfect Balance of Business, Design & Technology

We combine the best market alignment, exceptional product strategy, the design output of a world-class interactive agency with a battle-tested engineering team.

Agile, but Process-Driven

For us, Agile is more than a process: it is our culture. We understand the operations side of development and produce designs and features in rapid, short sprints.

Experts in Emerging & Established Technology

We’re big into traditional development tools like .NET and Java as well as newer technologies like Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Ajax, REST and noSQL. Our nimble and flexible engineering team, expert in more than 10 programming languages, delivers customized cloud and mobile solutions.

Passionate about Our Work

We are passionate about solving technical and business challenges for our customers. Our team is motivated every day to make a difference and embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with tackling new problems, new technologies and new ideas.

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