Motifworks’ SharePoint Workshop Part 1

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People from a variety of industries attended the Motifworks’ SharePoint workshop. We covered a wide variety of topics for basic to advanced SharePoint users. It was a very interactive session and created an opportunity for the attendees to discuss their specific challenges with the popular tool.

During these sessions, we shared some best practices and provided solutions that users can leverage to overcome their issues. The workshop gave them a solid understanding of how they can use SharePoint Online and OneDrive to improve productivity. We also discussed some of the social features that SharePoint offers and how users can leverage them to feel more connected and get more insight into what is happening within their organization.


Some of the common challenges that attendees brought up at the workshop include:


What can be done to improve SharePoint user adoption?

User adoption can be a problem if you have hard-to-use navigation schemes, lackluster content management, or unmanageable search results. Any one of these can create confusion and frustration with your users, which can ultimately hinder SharePoint user adoption.


Here are 3 ways to overcome these issues:

  1. Improve your user experience: Have an intuitive user interface that helps your user understand where they need to go in order to utilize resources. Use the organization methods below to make navigation easy. If employees can’t find what they’re looking for, all of the documents you have stored are useless to them.


  1. Keep your readers up-to-date: Many intranets are set up with the goal of helping employees keep up with what’s going on in the company. While this is a powerful way to improve communication, unfortunately most of them are not maintained properly. Your SharePoint site should have a dedicated area for providing the latest updates within the organization. If you allow your news to become outdated, you can expect your employees to lose interest.


  1. Reliable content search: Make sure your files are organized properly (see below) so that when users do searches they can find what they’re looking for.


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