Top Reasons to upgrade to SQL 2014 Now

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Like many other things in this world, software products also reach the end of their Product Life Cycle.  The end of life could be due to many different reasons like better and improved functionality in newer version, technology innovation or market demands.

End-of-life milestones are never easy for almost everyone involved. However mature product companies roll-out end-of-life policies much in advance to help customers better manage their end-of-life transition.

April 12, 2016 is the End of Extended Support for SQL Server 2005. Although, mainstream support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ended in April 2011, SQL Server 2005 has been on Extended Support since then, which means only security updates are released.


What does end of extended support mean?

  • No security updates: Many critical updates were released SQL Server 2005 under Support. No updates will be developed or released after end of extended support.
  • Higher maintenance costs: Staying put will cost more in the end. Added costs will be incurred for intrusion detection systems, more advanced firewalls, network segmentation, and so on—simply to isolate SQL Server 2005 databases.
  • Compliance Concerns: Lack of compliance with various standards and regulations can be devastating. For example, lack of compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards might mean companies such as Visa and MasterCard will no longer do business with you. Or, the new cost of doing business will include paying catastrophic penalties and astronomically high transaction fees.
  • Unsupported Software: Many applications will also cease to be supported, once the database system they are running on is unsupported.


Now is the time to act – You must start planning migration now.

There are many benefits to upgrading from earlier versions to SQL Server 2014.


Achieving Mission Critical Performance

Chief among the reasons to upgrade are the many new features in SQL Server 2014.

  • SQL Server 2014 has been benchmarked to be 13 times faster than SQL Server 2005, and 5.5 times faster than SQL Server 2008. And that’s BEFORE the incredible performance gains available with in-memory technology.  In-memory OLTP enables up to 30x faster transaction processing, while in-memory columnstore can improve query performance by up to 100x.
  • AlwaysOn availability groups provide more reliable High Availability, now with up to 8 replicas in SQL Server 2014.
  • And, SQL Server 2014 is better together with Windows Server 2012 R2, which allows scale up across compute, networking and storage – up to 640 logical processors.


Maintain Security and Compliance

  • Not only does SQL Server 2014 benefit from steady enhancements in the security features available, an independent study found that the SQL Server Data Platform had the least days of unpatched vulnerabilities of any major database – six years running!
  • These security features, like security roles for separation of duties, full-featured auditing and transparent data encryption (TDE) make it possible to meet your regulatory compliance standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GLBA.
  • And, the ability to keep receiving support, security updates, and hotfixes for supported versions means that customers will continue to be able to meet their security and compliance audits.


Optimize the data platform infrastructure

  • Take advantage of the latest in Windows Server and Hyper-V to virtualize your database. And, consider whether your smaller databases might be ripe for consolidation on a physical server or servers that are licensed for SQL Server Enterprise Edition.
  • Choose the best of on-premises and cloud with the many SQL Server hybrid scenarios that span both, like Dev/Test in the cloud or SQL Server DR to Microsoft Azure.
  • Migrate web applications to Azure SQL Database to reduce administrative needs and lower TCO.


At Motifworks, we have successfully done multiple SQL migrations. We have designed, implemented and administered SQL Server for years. With zero cost and no obligation, we can help you plan your migration.  Contact us to get a complimentary upgrade assessment and plan.

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