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Organizations of all kinds are benefiting from Windows Azure cloud’s flexible and dynamic platform to cloud-enable your products and services. With Windows Azure and its hybrid capability, you can leverage the cloud to speed efficiencies, reduce costs and devote more time and resources to growing your core business. Motifworks provides a full range of cloud services to make the migration process fast, smooth and non-disruptive to your daily processes.

As a member of the elite Windows Azure Circle Program and the Microsoft Partner Network, Motifworks engages with a diverse range of organizations, including ISVs and enterprise companies, to design and develop custom applications and migrate existing applications to the cloud.

  • Infrastructure as as Service (IaaS)
    Migrate your applications and infrastructure to Windows Azure virtual machines with ease and with full integration, including no code changes. With Motifworks, we help you make your move to the cloud without disruption to your daily workflow. Our team helps you tap the power of the cloud to let you devote more of your time and energy on your product and service priorities.
  • PaaS & Cloud-Native Development
    Windows Azure as PaaS lets you build your application and services without worrying about your infrastructure. With Motifworks, you can leverage Windows Azure’s pre-configured, virtualized application server environment, empowering you to build dynamic and compelling applications that scale as needed to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    As a flexible and open cloud platform, Windows Azure offers a hybrid cloud option, allowing you to extend your on-premise data centers into the cloud. With the hybrid cloud, Motifworks helps you get all of the power and virtually unlimited resources of the cloud through smooth integration with your on-premise systems.
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