Your cloud adoption strategy – who is driving it? Business or IT?

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In my last post, we covered the basic differences between IaaS and PaaS and how to maximize the benefits overall of moving your product applications to the cloud.

In this post, let’s consider who is driving your cloud adoption and what might be some challenges for cloud adoption. In a recent study & report published by CapeGemini, it is clearly evident that organizations’ business teams, rather than purely IT, is driving Cloud adoption. As per the study,  reduced cost (52%) is one of the major business drivers for moving to the cloud followed by “reduced time to market” (41%).  To reiterate one idea from my previous post, your cloud platform is something your company seriously needs to consider to help you accelerate your product development and reduce your total cost of ownership.

But the business group needs to be educated about the challenges and risks of moving applications to the cloud like “vendor lock-in” and reduced flexibility. Let’s consider this. Depending on your application type, the PaaS platform could significantly reduce your time to market in comparison to the IaaS platform. But based on my experience, I would say 80% of companies opt for the IaaS cloud infrastructure option. And one of the main reasons for this is the fear of Vendor and Technology lock-in.

Even though one would argue that the IaaS also means vendor lock-in, you’re not limited by the underlying technology platform –  because you might still be using the same technology, such as MySQL, Oracle or SQL server as the database or .NET, Java, Ruby or PHP as the programming language.

Instead, using the PaaS platform (consider Saleforce’s platform), you need to use Apex as the programming language and its own database technology as the underlying data store – none of which are supported by any other cloud provider.

As per the report mentioned above, cloud is becoming the default platform for all new application development. And my advice is look at your app’s requirements and internal organization to learn whether IaaS or PaaS is a better option for you.

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To read the full report, visit CapeGemini website

Cloud adoption strategy

Cloud adoption strategy

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