Application Development

We create products that engage, delight and inspire your users

Developing applications for the cloud requires expertise in both creating great products, and knowledge of the the cloud. Motifworks can help your organization architect, design and build the cloud-based applications that will drive your business forward.

Cloud development demands an agile approach

We help you focus on delivering constant business value with incremental release cycle. With our strong emphasis in Agile methodology, we build applications in the public cloud like Microsoft Azure®, AWS, Heroku, and Rackspace using cloud based tools. Within the modern applications era, it has become increasingly critical to design for failure, with an agile approach that reduces the cost of failure, both in terms of time and money.

Need faster time to market?

Product stability comes from releasing code more frequently, not less. Cloud greatly enhance continuous integration and delivery, which encourages experimentation.

Our cloud application development services encompass:

SaaS Enablement

We help you convert your SaaS business model into reality. Our expert team works with you to design your SaaS-based applications using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). To leverage cost-savings in SaaS-enabling your product, we understand how to architect applications for cloud and design databases, message servers or other services in a distributed environment.

PaaS Development

You want to focus on your application development and not worry about all things infrastructure and server management. Using Azure PaaS platform for development, we help you deploy PaaS out-of-the-box features, giving you a pre-configured, virtualized application server environment to drive your product creativity and go-to-market approach.

Innovative UX/UI Design and Development

You application needs a compelling user experience (UX) that is useful, usable, engaging and desirable. We believe user experience design is not just about one thing, like UI, visual design, usability, branding or performance but it's about all of these elements working together.