DevOps & Continuous Delivery

Automation is key to DevOps

We believe that automation is no silver bullet. You can’t automate something that you don’t understand and can’t validate. Our approach to automation starts by laying a firm foundation. We use an agile based approach by first defining our requirements and validation process. We then automate infrastructure provisioning, application deployment and configuration including scaling of your application environments by treating all such pieces as code. Our DevOps and Automation specialists are skilled in using configuration management tools such as Chef and Windows PowerShell.

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Turbocharge your agility with Continuous Delivery and Integration

Empower your developers to better respond to user needs as quickly as business requirements demand. We help you implement an Agile ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) using continuous integration and delivery. Using continuous delivery practices, we enable you to apply an agile approach for infrastructure, providing you with the rapid deployment of new functions and features. Once the Continuous Delivery and automation is in place, the continuous integration server picks up the changes, as soon as developers check-in their code. You could automate running unit tests, doing code merge and deploying the changes to staging environment with no manual intervention.

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