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Mean stack is here and there’s been tons of excitement about it over the past few weeks following our release of Azure Test Drive.  MEAN stack development includes the full-stack JavaScript framework, while embracing the flexibility and simplicity of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js, that will make building and scaling simple to complex apps better than before, while also accelerating web application development.

What is MEAN stack? Imagine it simply like this:

What are the advantages of MEAN stack?

  • Single language is used in the whole application
  • Support for the MVC pattern
  • JSON is used for transferring data
  • js’s huge module library
  • Open source so you can tweak it to your preferences if you’re an experienced user

ACCELERATE TIME TO MARKET WITH AZURE and help the MEAN development team get more people to test our Azure Test Drive.  Our Azure specialists could help you reduce risk in implementing hybrid and full cloud solutions on the Azure platform.

Visit our site here:

Our developer stacks for MEAN on Azure are ready to use, with extreme agility that deliver business value quickly, and have everything you’d need to start MEAN development.  There are a number of benefits, with the most significant being the enhanced speed in data retrieval and flexibility in the deployment platform. This is an excellent way to try your MEAN app on Azure Test Drive without having to go through the difficulties of getting a new virtual machine. You can be up and going in minutes with ability to see how your app runs on this major upcoming version of full-stack JavaScript.

How do you like Azure Test Drive?  How can we improve it?  Don’t hesitate to leave us commentary on Twitter with your feedback.

Learn more at our meetup tonight in Towson from 6 – 7:30pm.

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