How Cloud Can Help Sales and Marketing Teams Create Demo Environments

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There is almost nothing more powerful than a great product demonstration.  Software demonstration environments are created to help give prospective clients a way to test drive a company’s software experience, allowing the prospect to see hard evidence of whether the solution can meet an organization’s needs.  The problem that many companies deal with when deciding to add a demo is the difficulties involved in installing it on the web page when they have lack of IT support and a sales team with no IT knowledge.

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A trial allows the customer to see and feel how things will be better if they buy….

Without Cloud, prospects have to download or install the software in order to try it.  Once installed the problem many companies share is the freeze or slow response between IT and sales teams concerning lead generation.  This problem arises when sales and marketing teams are not involved in the software.  Cloud helps ensure that this freeze doesn’t exist.

Using our Azure Test Drive service, we are able to automate the complex DevOps functions while cancelling out the unnecessary gap between IT and the Sales and Marketing teams. The prospect is able to test drive/try the product in just a few minutes without need of installation. The sales team is able to collect all the data about the prospects, and see which portions of the demo prospects are most attracted to, while using the demo through the back end automatically.

The key to a successful software demo process is maintaining the balance between client control and vendor freedom…

  • Benefits

With demo environments such as our Azure Test Drive, sales teams and consultants can set up software demos and proof of concept environments instantly, by using our automated infrastructure provisioning. They can upload product slideshows and videos and make changes to product messaging. They can also create an automatic schedule for running Test Drives with no manual intervention and, best of all, without relying on the client’s hardware or IT team.

  • How it Works

Our service, Azure Test Drive, allows you to create activity around sales and marketing teams. We automate infrastructure provisioning, application deployment and configuration including scaling of your application environments by treating all such pieces as code. We use configuration management tools such as Chef and Windows PowerShell to create the target environments using the virtual images of the software, security policies and the required product architecture.

Want to accelerate your sales cycle?  Contact us to create a Test Drive for your software or just try a Test drive yourself.







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