Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Specialist

Motifworks takes great pride in being recognized, go-to experts in Azure development, integration, and cloud migration. The Azure Platform is a set of services and technologies that we enjoy enabling our customers to fully benefit from the scalability and agility of cloud using the Azure platform’s unique set of services and technologies, which are particularly suited to the needs of enterprise companies already using other Microsoft products.

Azure Infrastructure Migration Service

Migrate your existing line of business (LOB) applications to cloud as is without needing to redesign. Extend core infrastructure including DNS, Active Directory, DHCP & Windows/Linux Virtual Machines on Azure platform. Migrate applications in a phased approach while maintaining a secure connection back to on-premises applications and data without changing your code.

Azure Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds between on-premise infrastructure and public cloud, so you can take advantage of public cloud resources maintaining the security and compliance for your business. We help you design a hybrid cloud architecture which allows you easily move workloads from your datacenter to Microsoft Azure, while still maintaining a complete view of the infrastructure. You can use Azure infrastructure services for cloud bursting from private on-premises environments. And you can take advantage of storage, backup, and recovery options with increased efficiency and reduced cost. Using Azure networking capabilities we build a Site-to-Site VPN between on-premises and the Azure cloud making both public and private cloud appear on the same logical network.

Azure Platform as Service Development

Design and develop design expressly highly scalable, reliable, and low-admin applications. Azure Cloud Services (PaaS) are designed to provide automated server maintenance and auto scaling of compute resources for providing elastic on-demand capacity resulting in faster development and lower cost of operations.

SharePoint on Azure

Our Azure migration expertise enables companies to deploy SharePoint instances and multi-server farms on Azure virtual machines. As your SharePoint workloads grow, using Azure auto-scaling capability combined with our Cloud Management services you can reliably and rapidly expand your infrastructure.