Microsoft’s World Partner’s Conference 2015

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Motifworks was at Microsoft World Partner’s Conference in July and this year’s Microsoft World Partner’s Conference highlighted many of the changes we’ve all been seeing over the last couple years after Satya Nadella took office as CEO.

A different Microsoft; re-energized with a newer approach

After Apple and Google took lead in personal computing space with iOS and Android and Amazon became the defacto provider in cloud space for Start-up and Enterprise alike, Microsoft had a long gap to catch-up.  Microsoft tried, failed and I hope learned from a few things: the acquisition of Nokia, the launch of the Surface tablet, and focusing only on Platform as a Service for their Cloud service.  With the new leadership of Satya Nadela, Microsoft took the approach of focusing on what they are good at: Software and Services.  This was reaffirmed and reassuring in the WPC.

Hybrid is the mantra

Microsoft’s major part of revenue comes from Enterprise customers. They are continuing and strengthening their focus on this. They are using a cross platform approach for Cloud and Mobility.  For cloud, they are making it easier for companies to have their own data center and embrace/use Azure cloud as needed. For mobility, they are not going after phones and tablets but using a multi-device approach.

Intelligence is the key

With the announcement of Cortana Analytics Suite and improved Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and several other initiatives, Microsoft focus is using Big Data to help you take your data and transform it into insights that drive actions for your business.

Windows 10

The highly anticipated Windows 10 proves that Microsoft is adopting the same ideas that made them great earlier. Windows 10 takes away the Windows 8 start screen and brings the start menu back.  I just downloaded and started using Windows 10 and so far I am very impressed.  Devices running Windows 10 will share a common API, allowing developers to write universal applications that can run across all devices in the Windows Ecosystem.

Not just about Azure cloud, but Cloud powered services 

With Office 365 as one of Microsoft’s fastest growing segments, Microsoft is focused around providing real value through cloud powered services. Microsoft is rapidly iterating its cloud productivity suite with new capabilities and features. Project Gigjam is a great example of how they are trying to seamlessly connect multiple devices for communication and collaboration.


Re-focusing on what Microsoft has already been successful with, does not mean it isn’t innovating.  They are ahead in the race of Holographic computing.  Microsoft Hololens enables us to view holographic objects as well as manipulate them in real time. The demos during keynotes were fabulous.  I could see how gamers would be excited about this and use it for design related tasks.  Though I would wait to see it myself to really understand practical and effective use of it in true business and personal use.

Microsoft has a huge advantage over arch rivals Google, Apple and Amazon – the Partner Ecosystem and a large number of partners who want Microsoft to be successful.

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