Mobile Development

Mobile Development Specialist

With the global increase in demand for mobile access to applications and services, you’re looking to extend or optimize your products to mobile. We partner with you to leverage the power and speed of mobile devices to drive your organization’s innovation engine and business growth.
The success of your mobile development project and the success of your company begins with a clearly defined mobile strategy and design. This strategy determines key mobile decision points such as your target audience, features, the benefits of mobile web versus native app, and the best way to monetize the app. We begin by helping you organize your thoughts and effectively plan out the life of your mobile application.

Native Application Development for iOS, Android and Windows 8 Devices

It’s easier than ever to go mobile with your applications. Our expert team works with you to develop native apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android and Windows Phone. We help create your application design to delight and inspire your mobile app users.

Enterprise Mobile Development

You want to bring mobility to your enterprise workforce and gain the benefits of a more productive and ready team. Yet you need to ensure data and application security extends to every device your workers use, whether company-issued or BYOD. We partner with you to make your enterprise mobile environment secure and stable.

Hybrid App Development

Maintaining device-specific apps for different platforms, devices and resolutions is a big challenge. With mobile platforms like Appcelerator and PhoneGap, we enable you to build cross-platform apps with access to native device features and still maintain one code base for all platforms.