Case Studies

SharePoint on Azure Helped Gain Agility and Reliability

Learn how migrating SharePoint to Azure IaaS helped a major enterprise client of ours gain in agility, reliability and assured their customers would be compliant with strict industry standards, while also increasing market competitiveness.

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Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

Our Motifworks team helped a leader in information security create the first tap proof encryption solution for Dropbox. The solution automatically encrypts your files in cloud while maintaining full centralized control while meeting compliance requirements. Learn how Motifworks deployed an agile team for the development of this cloud security tool.

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Social Intelligence Tool Using Cloud Data Sources

Our client needed a way to unlock a massive quantity of unconnected and unstructured data and bring it together in a compelling, easy-to-consume platform. Learn how Motifworks, partnered with Neal Analytics, designed and developed a social intelligence BI system to provide on-going insight into a rapidly-changing competitive landscape using online data sources.

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