SaaS Enablement

SaaS Enablement

We help you convert your SaaS business model into reality. Our expert team works with you to design your SaaS-based applications using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). To leverage cost-savings in SaaS-enabling your product, we understand how to architect applications for cloud and design databases, message servers or other services deployed in a distributed environment.

SaaS Go-To Market Strategy

Whether to build from scratch, or migrate existing application to a SaaS-based model is always the first question when it comes to your SaaS enablement. Moving beyond just designing, building, testing and operating your SaaS-based products, we provide strategic go-to-market guidance based on market trends and technology evolutions.

SaaS Design and Development

Designing Software as a Service (SaaS) on cloud isn’t same as designing any other web application. Knowing the dos and don’ts of designing true cloud-native SaaS applications is key when moving to a SaaS based model. Motifworks cloud specialist brings deep expertise helping many Product ISV’s answer these questions and move their products to SaaS solutions.

PaaS & Cloud-native Application Development

You want to focus on your application development and not worry about all things infrastructure and server management. We help you deploy PaaS out-of-the-box features, giving you a pre-configured, virtualized application server environment to drive your product creativity and go-to-market approach.